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Teleférico do Funchal, uma operação da Teleféricos da Madeira, S.A.
Madeira Cable Car, is run by Teleféricos da Madeira, S.A.

Useful information for Travellers

Protect the environment when you travel. The destination you visit should leave a strong impression on you, but not the other way around. To minimise your impact on the environment when you travel, this is what you can do:
  Save water and electricity
  Choose more sustainable forms of transport
  Whenever possible use your own hygiene products and avoid allowing detergents, soap and other chemical products to enter water courses or areas near them
  Put the rubbish you produce in the appropriate containers
  Do not make fires in woods or forests
  Do not disturb or take animals or plants from their natural habitat
  In hotels, reuse bath towels and switch off lights and electric devices whenever possible
  Choose hotels that implement a sustainable tourism policy
  Consume local products
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Upper Station

  Monte Palace Tropical Gardens / Museum
of Semi-Precious Stones

  Quinta do Monte Gardens

  Church of Our Lady of the Monte
(Nossa Senhora do Monte)

  Tomb of the Last Emperor of Austria

  Fountain of the Virgin
(Fontenário de Nossa Senhora do Monte)

  Babosas Belvedere

  Monte Municipal Park

  Monte Railway

  Infante D. Henrique School

  Levada dos Tornos
(a walk along a watercourse)

  Typical wicker toboggans

  Quinta do Terreiro da Luta

  Sanctuary of Our Lady of Peace
(next to the Quinta do Terreiro da Luta)

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One Way | Round Trip
Adult €10,00 | € 15,00
Child (7-14) € 5,00 | € 7,50
Child (0-6) Free | Free

Pack no. 1 – Tropical Garden
Funchal Cable Car (round trip) + Entry to the Tropical Garden
Adult € 26.50
Child (7-14) € 7.50
Child (0-6) Free

Pack no. 2 – Botanical Garden
Funchal Cable Car (round trip) + Botanical Garden Cable Car (round trip) + Entry to the Botanical Garden
Adult € 29.90
Teenager (15-18) € 26.75
Child (7-14) € 14.95
Child (0-6) Free

Pack no. 3 - Yellow Bus
Funchal Cable Car (round trip) + City Tour
Adult € 23.50
Child (7-14) € 11.75
Child (0-6) Free

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Continuing one of the traditional rides that is most enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, previously taken by train, Funchal Cable Car now offers its comfortably seated passengers a 360º panoramic ride over the landscape – where everyone has a window seat.

Journey time
15 minutes

Journey – inclined length
3,173 meters

4 meters/second

Height difference
560 meters

Highest tower:
39 m high (tower 3)

Maximum span between towers
Tower 3 <-> Tower 4: 540 m

Total capacity
Up to 800 passengers per hour, one way


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The steep journey is approximately 3,200 metres long, climbing up a height of 560 metres. The line's speed can be regulated up to 5.0 m/s, which means the trip can be made in 11 minutes. Normally, however, the journey takes 15 minutes.

Funchal Cable Car also uses the safest running and operational methods. The whole operating and maintenance team operates according to standard procedures in terms of regulations and manufacturer's manuals, on which staff received initial training, followed by refresher and development courses.
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The construction process was pioneering as it was partly built in an urban environment before continuing up the mountain. It successfully overcame a series of engineering challenges due to difficult accessibility and having to run over buildings in Funchal.

Sinking the foundations within the urban setting and erecting the tubular sections that form the intermediate support towers implied moving enormous metal structures in places with difficult access. Getting the 3.2 km long steel cable in place over the city and the mountainside to Monte was another interesting feat of engineering.
Construction started in September 1999. It was inaugurated on 15th November 2000 and immediately opened to the public.
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Quinta Terreiro da Luta

Where culture and nature meet with a magnificent view over the city of Funchal

The Quinta do Terreiro da Luta's excellent location gives it a unique view over the city of Funchal and, together with its verdant, always immaculate gardens, this place is a must on any trip to Madeira. Its historic and natural characteristics make it an idyllic spot. The house's main hall has a permanent photographic exhibition on the history of the Monte railway and its porch has a magnificent view overlooking the whole city of Funchal and the beautiful gardens. Bought by Empresa Teleféricos da Madeira, S.A. in 2009 is a must-visit destination at the top of the parish of Monte.

The Quinta do Terreiro da Luta's privacy and the fact that it can be customised make it perfect for hosting unforgettable events. Facebook:!/pages/Quinta-do-Terreiro-da-Luta/228875147135304
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Treat yourself to a magnificent and unique experience.

From the cable car, hovering over the city, where buildings rise alongside gardens and kitchen-gardens, you can enjoy Funchal's amphitheatre and bay in a scenario of blues, greens and oranges.

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a journey between
heaven and earth
See the other offers of the group.

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In the past, this journey used to be by train. There was a railway link between Funchal – Pombal Station - and Monte and later to the Quinta do Terreiro da Luta palace.

This ascent, much enjoyed by tourists and by the local population in general, was opened in 1893 and ran until May 1943, when it was dismantled for reasons related to World War II.
More than half a century later, Funchal Cable Car was built, re-establishing tourist transport to Monte.

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The system's main control functions, such as speed regulation and the opening and closing of the clamps that suspend the vehicles from the cable, are permanently monitored by automatic mechanisms and electronic safety circuits.

All of the systems and components of the mechanical installation are also the most technologically advanced on the market, giving passengers a smooth ride in absolute safety.

Monte Station is the station that drives the system and also has a garage for parking the cabins. Funchal Station, also called the return station, is where the cable's constant tension hydraulic system is housed.
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Treat yourself to a magnificent and unique experience. From the cable car, hovering over the city, where buildings rise alongside gardens and kitchen-gardens, you can enjoy Funchal's amphitheatre and bay in a scenario of blues, greens and oranges.

The city of Funchal is commonly classified as a Garden City, due to its abundance of green spaces and wealth of flowers amid its rows of houses, in a symbiosis between rural and urban life. It is this harmony of landscape and the environment that makes the experience of a cable car ride so pleasant.

Watch the city approach, hover and withdraw. Gaze over the steep hillside, framed by the blue Atlantic. From the city up to the lofty parish of Monte, you can also see Madeira's natural beauty, its relief and geology.

As we rise higher, the environment transforms and the city gives way to green hillsides, mountains and valleys, on a journey with the city and the sea as the backdrop. The journey ends at Monte, with its romantic landscape and surroundings, where you can visit:
- Monte Palace Tropical Gardens / Museum of Semi-Precious Stones
- Church of Our Lady of the Mount (Nossa Senhora do Monte)
- Fountain of the Virgin (Fontenário de Nossa Senhora do Monte)
- Monte Municipal Park

Here you will find Monte's traditional "wicker toboggans", which people have used for over a century to ride back down to Funchal - a simple and thrilling experience – and as ever, totally ecological and environment-friendly!

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Prices and opening times
Opening: 9.00
Closing: 17.45

Open all year
(except Christmas Day)

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Photo gallery
Photo gallery
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Places of interest
With a mild climate and warm waters, the Island of Madeira is one of Europe's most sought-after islands by tourists.

Its landscape is unique, its gastronomy delicious, the water on its beaches is crystalline and its people are warm and hospitable. And over this Pearl of the Atlantic lays the green mosaic of its diverse exotic and Mediterranean vegetation.

And on this seaside garden picturesque cities grew with their own history and life. And in these cities there are unique hotels, singular restaurants, museums full of treasures, discotheques brimming with style. Madeira is like that. Green and blue. Beach and sea. Fields and mountains. Sweet and Sour. Young and rugged. Tradition and Innovation. Enjoy all of this and take a cable car ride from Funchal to Monte and arrive at your destination, eager to see much more.

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Madeira active destination

See what other activities are available and discover the other side of Madeira.

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Contacts and location
logotipo teleféricos

Teleféricos da Madeira, S.A.
Caminho das Babosas, n.º 8
9050-541 Funchal

Tel.: 291 780 280
Fax: 291 780 281

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Preserving this destination and the possibility of future generations being able to enjoy this Pearl of the Atlantic as we know it today is our responsibility; between the sea and the mountains there is an eco-friendly means of transport - Funchal Cable Car.

Besides giving off low carbon emissions, which makes it one of the most sustainable means of transport, by travelling by cable car you are also helping to reduce city traffic, therefore leading to fewer road accidents, less hassle for the local population, making it safer for pedestrians, and making it easier for emergency services to get around when they need to.

Come and ride on the Funchal Cable Car and take a trip through and for Nature.
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